17 Tips on How to Write a Great Website Brief

How To Write a Website brief

In this guide, we will establish what is needed to deliver a web design project and how to write the perfect web design brief. if you just want to grab our website brief template then skip to the bottom of the page, send us your details & get our website design brief template free of […]

5 Common WordPress SEO Mistakes & How To Fix Them

WordPress SEO mistakes

Are you making these common WordPress Search Engine Optimisation mistakes? If you’ve invested in a WordPress Website, and are pulling out your hair at Google Analytics because not enough people visit your site. To get the click-through rates you need, look for the common WordPress SEO mistakes made by website owners & how some tweaks […]

9 Reasons Managing Your Website Can Kill Conversions

Managing your own website may be killing your conversions

Your project is finally launched on the web, the design and development team have tested your site for speed, optimised the pages for search and rolled it out like a shiny new car. You can’t wait to give it a test run. Like any car, it helps to have a bit of knowledge about how […]

7 Reasons Why We Offer Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

What if I told you half your website problems could be coming from your hosting provider? The majority of our websites are bespoke WordPress Builds, and we use dedicated WordPress Hosting. You might not know what this means, and even if you do, you may not care, but there’s a ton of reasons why managed […]

How Will WordPress 5 affect your website?

WordPress 5 breaking the internet

This week WordPress announced its release date of version 5 for December 6th 2018. This morning it’s here. The response from the WordPress community has been less than positive. This is the first major release since 2014, and it’s bound to be a cause for concern. WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg gave only three days notice […]

Taking Digital Marketing to WordCamp London

WordCamp London Text on background - So you have a website, now what?

Teaching at WordCamp London Last year at WordCamp London, I gave a talk on digital marketing. As part of the WordPress community in Manchester and beyond, I’ve been involved in WordCamps for some time. Speakers and guests attend WordCamps from all over the world to listen in on a variety of topics about web and […]

Factory @ WordCamp 2017

wordcamp 2017

There’s nothing like a good old WordCamp and ‘up Norf’ we pride ourselves on good old Northern hospitality. WordCamp 2017 was no different. This year marked another year for WordCamp Manchester at Manchester’s Metropolitan University. Around three hundred attendees came from all over to learn about all things WordPress This year as part of the […]

WordCamp Europe. A Mancunian In Paris.

WordCamp Europe Made By Factory. WordPress Experts.

When I sat drinking Zombies with WordPress Wrangler Tom, in Sandanista in Manchester, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. WordCamp Europe. WordCamp Europe was in Paris. Uniting 1900 attendees from around 80 countries. There were another 1000 or so who joined via live stream. It was something amazing to behold. I embarked […]

WordPress Contributor Day for Dummies

WordCamp Manchester

I want to demystify WordPress Contributor Day. I’m currently working on organising and shouting out about the contributor day for WordCamp Manchester so I thought I would come to Paris and see the biggest WordCamp Contributor Day in Action. When I first heard the term ‘WordPress contributor day’ I imagined it was a day for […]

WordCamp Manchester 2016 #WCMCR

WordCamp Manchester

October gave rise to my first WordCamp in Manchester and a fun time was had by all. If you have never been to a WordCamp there is something for everyone in the WordPress community, whether that be as a designer, a developer or a website owner. It turned out to be a great weekend put […]

WordCamp 2015: Creating the Manchester Wapuu

Manchester Wapuu Designed by Andi Wilkinson Manchester Graphic Designer

What’s a WordCamp you say? WordCamps are locally organised conferences that cover everything WordPress related and are attended by everyone from WordNoobs to experts, creators, & contributors. WordPress if you haven’t heard of it, is responsible for over a quarter of all new sites on the web. As a CMS, WordPress has rapidly increased in popularity […]