Remote digital team in manchester
Trudi Holden
June 27, 2023

Conquering The Cube: Tales of Triumph From Our Team Day Out

We decided to take some time out of our busy schedules for a special team day out at The Cube in Manchester – an experience we won’t soon forget!

We all know that remote working has become the new normal over the past year, but it can be difficult to build team morale and foster a sense of community when everyone is scattered across different cities or even countries.

It was a great opportunity for us to get together, have some fun, and bond as a group. We were able to test our problem-solving skills with challenging puzzles while enjoying each other’s company in an inspiring atmosphere.

In this blog post, we will share stories of triumph from our memorable outing at The Cube and how it helped bring us closer together as a team.

Can you guess who won? Read on to find out who’s the boss of pointless mind-bending tasks!

Remote Team Working Day Out At The Cube

Remote Team Bonding

Our digital marketing team at Made by Factory is a remote bunch spread across the country from Manchester to Cornwall. We use email, Slack and messaging platforms to stay connected with each other, but it can be difficult to maintain relationships that way.

We dragged our Trudi up from Cornwall to explore the sights and food of Manchester, including a day out shopping in York (hard at work of course!)

Remote Digital Team In Manchester

The Cube in Manchester

The Cube in Manchester is an interactive, immersive puzzle game, an exciting and unique escape room experience. It’s a fun way to test your problem-solving skills with your team while having a great time.

At The Cube, you’re placed in a themed room filled with clues, riddles, puzzles and games. You’ll be tasked with unlocking a safe, revealing the code and escaping before time runs out. It’s a truly hilarious experience watching your fellow team try battle against time to

We divided into two teams and competed against each other to solve the puzzles – feeling the heat as we watched the eventual winners score higher and higher each game.

Were we competitive? Of course we were! Seriously you won’t see our head in the game anymore than when we are working on epic campaigns, but The Cube was a close match!

Remote Digital Team In Manchester

The big bosses Andi and Ben head up the strategy, ozzing focus and creativity, whilst Matt and Dave focused inward to create a tight team of detail and innovation. Meanwhile, James and Trudi went for the jugular – hitting it with passion and new ideas to solve puzzles differently from the Great.

The result? Well done Dave and Matt for smashing it with a high score. We are resentfully proud of you. But we’re already planning our next go at The Cube to compete (umm, I mean hang out) again.

Trudi Holden

Head of Digital Engagement and the face behind our social media. Trudi leads our social media strategy and content development, with a particular passion for increasing intuitive engagement.