Toast, Love & Charity

Yesterday the team took a happy sojourn across the Pennines. We met with a charity to talk about their digital presence. We enjoyed being interviewed by people who clearly had enjoyed reading our initial pitch documentation.

It’s good to know our prospects have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of effort that’s gone into a proposal. I live in a world that means you should know your client, what they do and what their aspirations are. For us, a client is really a partner. We aspire to build the site or marketing campaign they need. We want to be considered a team member who is approachable rather than having a standoff relationship. The only way we can do this is to know a client’s KPI’s and work together to reach them.

The Interview

Our first meeting went well, we will find out how well at a later date. Upon completion I suggested going for a coffee to debrief. We noticed a wonderful little café across the road called ‘Toast, Love and Coffee’. It was a rather pretty place made nicer by the wonderful staff and ethos they have.

Of course, our team being our team meant there was coffee, hot chocolate and cake (in this case donuts) consumed. There was also a rather cunning up-sell of a second donut to our colleague Ben, before we were joined by Lawrence, who proceeded to tell us about the café after recognising, we were not locals. Lawrence it turns out has an educational background, like myself & Andi, so we got on like a house of fire! Although, I always think a house on fire is not a good thing (English phrases confuse me sometimes), this chat on the other hand was lovely.

A sign perhaps?

On the way out there was such a vivid rainbow, we hoped it was a good sign!

Ben & Rainbow

Idioms aside we enjoyed our random meeting of the day, plus it was nice to find a local café who have a pay it forward scheme and also have an ethos of asking people to pay what they want for what they have consumed. If you find yourself in Leeds and on Harehills Road as we did, I would certainly recommend a visit to Toast Love and Coffee.


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