Why do we offer Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Posted on 21st January 2019 by Hugo Finley

Time to read: 2 minutes

As Factory mostly produces websites using the WordPress platform, we encourage our clients to use dedicated WordPress hosting. Dedicated WordPress hosting may seem a little out of your comfort zone, but you tend to get what you pay for these days when it comes to hosting. Below are six good reasons why we recommend it to our customers:

1. Great Support

WordPress is supported by people with knowhow who often don’t mess with other platforms this means they should be able to solve issues quickly for you.

2. Optimised high performance

The hosting environment is designed to work with WordPress specifically this means that it is fine-tuned which enables WordPress out of the box to be fast (as long as your not adding unoptimised content).

3. Local Data centres (important regarding GDPR etc.)

Arranging hosting that is local to you is tends to be a little easier for us, as we have wider options by using a dedicated hosting service as they have servers all over the globe.

4. Automatic Back-Ups

Automated back-ups what else do you need in life. Face it we all make mistakes or sometimes the worst can happen to a site, just imagine being able to go back to a working version of your site with the simple click of a button.

5. Security is great

Many managed dedicated WordPress hosting sites provide increased support and security when it comes to preventing your site being either hacked or targeted by malicious malware.

6. Built with scalability in mind

Scaling up your website as your business grows is one of the things WordPress does so very well, you may start working out of your house or even garage but just remember that as your business grows do the requirements of your website.

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