7 Reasons Why We Offer Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

What if I told you half your website problems could be coming from your hosting provider?

The majority of our websites are bespoke WordPress Builds, and we use dedicated WordPress Hosting.

You might not know what this means, and even if you do, you may not care, but there’s a ton of reasons why managed WordPress hosting is the bomb for your WordPress Website.

There are cheap hosting options everywhere, but the majority of them just don’t cut it. You get what you pay for, and if you pay £5 for hosting you get £5 worth of hosting. With managed hosting, you have a hassle-free solution that’s managed for you.

We use both Flywheels managed hosting and here are six reasons why we think its the best managed wordpress hosting around.

1. They Do The Legwork

Migrating your site is a breeze because managed wordpress hosts take care of that for you, so it costs far less to have your developer migrate the site, as the only time they need to spend is facilitating it.

2. Dedicated WordPress Resources.

Your site is on a dedicated VPS, not a big shared server. A shared server can be slow, it contains a bunch of other websites, and if one of them suddenly gets a big spike in traffic, your website could go down.

A client told us that their previous site went down because of ‘too much traffic’ and they didn’t understand why. Your site needs to meet your business goals; Managed WordPress Hosting means that no one else’s website affects yours.


Flywheel’s managed hosting is really rapid. Their servers optimise for better WordPress Performance. Caching is handled on the server, so there’s no need to cram the back end of your site with needless caching plugins. With a well-built website from us, put on a managed WordPress server, your site will fly!

We also have the added extra of using a CDN, so wherever in the world your site is,


You don’t need to worry about backups. As WordPress Experts, Flywheel is on top of security hacks and vulnerabilities. They will inform you of any threats, and in the unlikely chance your site is compromised, They fix it with no cost to us. You can’t buy that peace of mind. Well, actually you can.


Your site is on a UK Server, which means any data you store is compliant with current GDPR law.

Unrivalled Support

If your site does go down, either through a vulnerability or because you do something silly (Note, even I have done this) then if you use shared hosting, you have to go around the houses to get support. Since Flywheel has live chat and even phone support, then we easily facilitate fixing any issue.

Our sites are backed up daily, and a broken site is restored in a matter of minutes, so you have peace of mind in knowing that not everything is lost if you make a mistake, or your site gets compromised.
Like Factory, Flywheel has the bonus of a team of WordPress Experts so that they can answer any technical questions.

One click staging.

Flywheel makes it easy for us to collaborate on your WordPress project. If you have changes coming and want to test them first, we can clone your site in a matter of seconds to a staging platform.

Staging means you can approve changes before they go live. Although other companies offer one-click staging, we have always found them confusing. In other words, they don’t work. Flywheel really does clone your site one on click, so as developers, we aren’t wasting time trying to figure out why things don’t work.

To Conclude

So, in summary, If you have a WordPress website and your business relies on it for income, why on earth would you opt for the cheapest possible hosting. The cost of managed hosting is nothing compared with the amount of business you will lose with a slow, or compromised website.

Slow WordPress Website? Fill in our super easy form below for a free website audit. If you move your WordPress website over to us, we offer managed WordPress hosting, and we take care of all your plugin and core updates too, meaning you don’t have to worry about breaking stuff! WordPress hosting costs start at £30 per month.


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