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Meet Our Team

We’re not just pretty faces and cool people. We are a bunch of creatives from Manchester who are paving the way for a leading UK Construction Digital Marketing Agency.

Foundations: What We Do

Our foundations are rooted in humble beginnings as fun, creative, super-skilled marketing experts with a passion for making incredible websites that not only look good but take businesses to new heights.

We make the wheels turn faster and smarter.

As a leading construction marketing agency in the UK, Made by Factory offers bespoke digital marketing solutions crafted to the specific needs of our clients in the construction industry.

Our expertise spans:

  • SEO
  • Social media management
  • Web design
  • Content marketing
  • Pay per click (PPC)

We believe in driving tangible results and helping businesses establish a strong online presence that effectively reaches their target audience.

Our Work

Recent Projects

From Start-Ups to Construction Marketing: The Timeline

  1. CreativJam

    We began providing smaller organizations with access to high-quality design, web, and marketing services without expensive markups or hidden fees. Andi Wilkinson, first conceptualized CreativJam when she noticed that SME’s were often getting low quality design, web, and marketing services despite paying a premium. This felt like an injustice and she decided to launch CreativJam as an answer to the problem.

  2. The Google Skillset

    When encountering small business clients, we often noticed they had an online presence but lacked visibility. With websites that had no visitors and no analytics, there was no return on investment in the digital space. We decided to learn as much as possible about increasing online visibility. In 2015 when we attained Google Partner Status, Through our combined expertise in SEO, digital marketing, and storytelling, we were able to give clients the visibility they needed.

  3. A Top 30 Marketing Agency

    CreativJam was chosen from 30 other digital agencies in the UK to attend Google’s exclusive Elevator coaching program. During this intensive journey, CreativJam was trained by Robert Craven, a world-class speaker and founder of GYDA. The team also had the chance to build a strong relationship with Ben Tennant, a Google Agency Development Manager and Ad Expert. This marked the start of an exciting new chapter for CreativJam! Ben left Google to join Made By Factory as partner and brought his expertise in Google Ads with him. This proved to be invaluable in helping the team create successful digital marketing campaigns. A notable example early on was leading a client from generating 150k in monthly revenue to over 2 million! Ben’s contributions have been the secret ingredient in that success. A new start meant a new name  – Best Andar bahar, and in 2018 – Made By Factory was born!

  4. A commitment to the digital sector

    In 2019 Andi was delighted to be invited to join the board of Manchester Digital. As someone with a career spanning various areas of the digital industry, she looked forward to using her experience to shape discussions around key issues that could shape the future of Manchester’s digital sectors, especially seeing more diversisty in tech. We are proud to serve clients that hold the same values, seeing many women in construction, & senior marketing roles.

  5. Coronavirus!

    Covid-19 posed an unexpected challenge for many businesses. For us, it broke down the barriers about needing physical office space to be a ‘valid’ company. We work smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever. While covid was a difficult time for all, it has ultimately changed how the world does business. We as humans have become more raw, more human, and more transparent. This has always been our way, We are a group of friendly humans providing much-needed help and expertise to other friendly humans, with no airs and graces!

  6. Content and Construction

    Trudi Holden joined our team as head of digital engagement. Trudi has done incredible work for WaterAid and the Eden Project She lives in beautiful Cornwall! Being fully remote allows us to source a great talent from anywhere! Trudi’s skillset has brought much needed social media strategy & capacity for more skilled SEO copywriting for our clients, furthering our mission of online visibility. This was also the year, after several successful construction marketing campaigns, that we shifted our focus to specialise in the built environment.

  7. Growing Our Own

    Growing our own has always been important to us. Over the past few years, we decided to put that ethos into practice by taking on two apprentices. We welcomed David and James, one eager to learn all they could about digital marketing and the other extremely passionate about UX and web development.

  8. Happy Birthday

    This year marks our 10th anniversary. While we started out like every business as just an idea, we have grown and continue to create positive change in our clients’ businesses.

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