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If you're looking for expert help to grow your Shopify eCommerce store through PPC and Social Media Marketing, Factory's expert team is here to help.

Serious Strategy For Shopify Sites

We have a solid track record of taking eCommerce businesses to the next level and beyond by harnessing the power of Google Ads and paid social media marketing. We can help with

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Account Build & Optimisation
  • Social Media Management

Digital Marketing By Google Shopping Specialists

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Our team use their years of eCommerce digital marketing experience to generate fantastic results for our Shopify clients. If you have a Shopify store and want to grow your business by increasing brand awareness and sales, then look no further.

We have the skills to grow your business by harnessing the power of digital marketing platforms such as Google, the world’s largest search engine and Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform.

Both platforms present unrivalled opportunities for ad targeting due to the colossal volume of data available for us to analyse and optimise campaigns to achieve the best return for your business.

Your Shopify Partners

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As Shopify Partners & Google Partners who are specialists in Google Shopping, we know how to get the results that matter to you. We have a solid track record of taking eCommerce businesses to the next level and beyond by harnessing the power of Google Ads and paid social media marketing.

Our Shopify PPC Experts get to know your business, your goals and who your target customers are. We then piece together a digital marketing plan to integrate the best digital marketing platforms and formats based on your product(s), industry and customers.

Your Shopify PPC Expert will focus on capturing the attention of your potential customers to raise awareness of your brand and serve ads that will engage with them at the right time.

As every business is different, so is the ideal customer profile. At Factory, we create custom audience profiles that are bespoke to your business. Custom profiles are a continually evolving means of targeting that will grow with your business. To create custom targeting for your business, we draw on our knowledge and expertise as opposed to relying on machines to make the decisions for us.

PPC For Shopify

These are some of the PPC platforms and digital marketing ad formats that our team will use to grow your Shopify store and take your business from strength to strength:

Google Shopping Ads

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Google Shopping is where the magic happens. We have taken businesses from a monthly turnover of c£150k to £1.5m with our Google Shopping knowledge and expertise. We have worked with clients in every area of eCommerce and always achieve a positive return on investment when it comes to Google Shopping.

Google Display Ads

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We create engaging display ads that will grab the attention of your potential customers and showcase your products. Our PPC marketing expertise at the forefront of all design aspects when it comes to creating Display Ads. We continually analyse ad data and optimise based on levels of relevant impressions, engagement and sales.

Google Search Ads

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Our expert team know how to structure each Google Ads account in a strategic way that works for your business goals. We focus on the keywords that will generate a return on your investment by carrying our regular keyword, industry and competitor research. Our Shopify PPC experts are specialists in creating engaging text ad copy to make your business stand out from the crowd and gain the highest levels of relevant traffic, for the lowest cost per click.

Facebook & Instagram

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Ads for conversions:

We develop and create engaging social media ads that are geared for conversion success. These ads are utilised to promote your brand and products to a wider customer base through powerful targeting methods.

Why Google Shopping Works For Shopify

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This format is ideal for Shopify PPC success if utilised in the right way, and if done poorly, it can cost your business a lot of money for very little return. As specialists in Google Shopping, we know the ways to make this system work to achieve your business goals.

We combine the power of Google Shopping Ads with the reach and potential of multiple areas of the Google Ads platform, such as Google Display Shopping Ads, Gmail, Google Images and more.

By serving Google Shopping ads in more places than merely showing in the Shopping results tab, we can harness even more of Google’s targeting capabilities.

We create campaigns to target potential customers based on their Google Searches and also their interests, purchase intent and browsing habits. If they are actively researching what you sell, we can show them your product in an ad at some stage across the Google network.

We can also draw on the converting features of Google Shopping combined with the reach and power of YouTube by creating TrueView for Shopping Ads. These are video ads with an added eCommerce layer to them.

Wouldn’t you love the convenience of seeing a product in a video ad alongside a clickable Google Shopping card to reach the purchase page without the need to search for it yourself? Convenience is precisely what TrueView for Shopping brings to the table.

Using The Google Display Network With Shopify

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Google Display is an ideal place to benefit from Remarketing campaigns. Here, we combine Google Display ads with your product feed to serve ads to remind non-purchasers of the products they have viewed on your website.

Personalised Remarketing Ads help to build a familiarity with your brand and products. The personalised nature of well-engineered Remarketing Ads can boost website click-through rates (both paid and organic) and conversions.

With so many ad variations at our fingertips across Facebook & Instagram, we regularly test and analyse each one. We then optimise your account based on the formats that gain the highest levels of engagement and most sales for the lowest cost.

Successful digital marketing comes from in-depth analysing. With the sheer volume of data available to us, it is imperative to leverage this information to benefit our clients. Among many areas, we analyse ad engagement, competitor activity and audience segments to create custom audiences that are bespoke to your business and goals.

Laser Focussed Remarketing

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The use of personalised retargeting ads across social media makes a huge difference to website traffic and conversions for eCommerce businesses.

Retargeting ads pull imagery and information directly from your product feed. These ads are then personalised to promote items that potential customers have already viewed, but not yet bought. Because they have previously considered purchasing, they have a familiarity with your brand and are likely to be interested in returning and converting.

A well set up and optimised retargeting campaign can reap huge rewards in terms of both brand recognition and conversions. Retargeting ads can be customised based on the actions they took on your website, from viewing specific products through to adding to the cart and abandoning their transaction. Ads are then tailored to individual website visitors based on what activity they did on the website to draw them back to make their purchase or to move on and buy upsell products.

As the ad account data compiles over time, we can then loop back the targeting to reach individuals through conversion ads who have a “lookalike” web activity and conversion potential as those who have bought your products.

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