Highly Engaging Social Media Management

Highly Engaging Social Media Management 1

Social Media Management by Factory

For most businesses, Social Media platforms can be easy to use, but very tricky to master. 

With so many platforms out there, which ones are right for your business? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest? YouTube? Our strategic planning will look at your key business goals and target audiences to ensure the right platforms are being utilised to your benefit.

If you want real results from your social media accounts, we have a plan for you.  Every social media account needs a reason for its existence – that reason then becomes the driving force behind your social media activity. To succeed in selling your products or services on social, you need to start with a tailored strategy for your social media management.

At Factory, we always look at the bigger picture first.  Before we build any social media management strategy, we take the time to analyse your audience, research your industry and look into your competitors.

The strategy will then start to take shape as we put together some eye-catching creative social media campaign ideas that are focused on your business goals and objectives.

So, you want to start winning with social?  But what counts as a win will be different from business to business as it will be based on your own KPIs.  Are you looking to drive awareness, increase engagement or gain new sales and leads? 

Once we know the answers to all of this, we are in a position to tailor a social media marketing strategy to your business.  When we create a social media management strategy, everything is bespoke to your business, your goals and your objectives – No strategy should take a “one size fits all” approach as every business offers something different.

The Factory Fit

Whatever the level of social media management you feel your business needs, we are here to support you, from scheduling posts, to Facebook Ads & full tailored strategy, or even a second pair of eyes. At Factory, we ensure that everything we do is done to suit your business, so we offer you varying levels of support. 

It might be that you’re in the position of looking to remove some of the pressure from your busy in-house team.  We can provide full management of your social media accounts to alleviate that internal pressure. 

Perhaps it’s that you’re seeking support for your paid social advertising campaigns – We are experts at this too.

Why Does My Business Need Social Media Management?

An engaging social media management strategy can be the difference between success and failure for many businesses. Social media provides the opportunity for your business to connect with people and to bring an element of the human touch to business interactions.

In this digital era where people now buy from businesses who, just a few short months, weeks, days or even hours ago, they had never even heard of. These buying journeys are made possible due to varying levels of social presence for these businesses.

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The Key Elements of a Social Media Management Strategy

Social Media Management

Factory’s social media management service gives a clear plan for managing your online interactions and content across various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

Our managed social media accounts have inspiring, educational and, ultimately, entertaining content that connects your business to your fans. We work with you to ensure that your business gains maximum engagement through your social media strategy.

When you have your very own social media management strategy in place, the hard work really begins.  There’s the measuring of each social post and campaign monitoring to ensure the strategy is constantly evolving.  If you want us to take care of replying to your fans, well your team here at Factory have your back there too.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising gives your business an opportunity to grow a following, even when your business is new to social media. At Factory, we build a strategy that focuses on building a laser targeted audience for your business.

Through our focused strategy planning, we can achieve huge levels of brand awareness and recall for your company. The end result – your social pages and website become known as the “go-to” sources for many new and returning customers.

Factory’s awesome team ensure your business gets the biggest bang for your buck. Always ensure you have a marketing budget that will be ongoing and is in line with your social media goals. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter & other channels, combined with other PPC advertising platforms, will provide your business with a powerful digital marketing strategy.

How to write a digital marketing brief.

Content Marketing

Success in your social marketing efforts boils down to two things – being active and having a clear message. This is where a crossover between your social media strategy and SEO happens. SEO optimised articles on your website become the fuel in your social media rocket.

Engaging articles on your website need to be shared across social media sites in snippets to increase trust and education of your business’ brand. Not only do expertly optimised articles lead to better organic search results, but they also display your company as the experts in your field. Content is king when it comes to social strategy & SEO. Success is just a phone call away, speak to our expert team today.

Social Media Management Manchester

If you’re looking for real success from your social media agency, speak to our experts today. Factory are a full-service digital agency, as such, we also offer PPC management, SEO, web design & development and branding.

We have full Google Partner Status and one of a select group of advertising agencies in the UK to be selected for the Google Elevator Programme. If you’re looking for a local PPC Agency in Manchesterdrop us a line today.

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