Brand & Graphic Design

Brand & Graphic Design 1

We’re just about great design.

We are a brand and graphic design agency based in Manchester.
Well, Actually, we’re a full service digital and design agency.

We work with ambitious business and growing brands, working from inception of ideas to full digital marketing strategy.

But, we are pretty great at the creative stuff, and known for our stand out visuals.

About Our Design Team

We are a team of creative and brand experts, with long-standing creative backgrounds. Founded by a Graphic designer & Digital Illustrator, Andi Wilkinson and Ex-Googler, Ben Tennant, we have a perfect blend of creativity and marketing expertise, meaning we know how to build a brand identity and create ‘design that sells’.

Brand Identity

whether you sell a product or service, defining your brand is one of the most important things you will do in your business.

We offer a full brand strategy service and have worked with all kinds of business from small business and startup brands to public sectors, local councils and FTSE companies such as Provident Financial. We will create the perfect logo for your target audience.

We have a colourful, visual style, which is what most people notice first when looking at our work.

Our creative director, Andi Wilkinson has over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer & spent many years teaching and lecturing in art colleges. It was always her dream to start a creative agency in Manchester.

Our work is a mixture of clean design, hand-drawn elements and typography, bringing these elements together to build a brand.

We believe a strong brand identity is one of the most important things a company should invest in, and it should be unique.

Creative Design

From corporate brochures, flyers, business cards and event signage, festival artwork, event design, menus or anything you can visualise, we can work with you. From business cards for startups to promotional material for hotel chain Best Western, we’ve done it.

Brand Design Strategy

We will always look at the best ways to reach your audience, through eye-catching visuals, beautiful typography, colour and layout. Online and offline, you have a matter of seconds before your audience disengages. 2.6 in fact.

The Design Cycle.

  • Research: We love to talk and get an idea for your business, and what type of design strategy suits your personality. We look at your business goals and objectives, your competitors and where you sit in that arena.
  • Initial ideas. There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned pad and pen. Sketching of ideas is the next part of the creative process. This will give us a good idea of where we’re headed and we can run these ideas past you before we commit to pixels.
  • Developing a concept: We take several ideas to screen and develop them further, testing colours, fonts and layouts. Many many years of experience mean we just have an eye for this kind of thing so we will only present you with ideas that we feel will work, based on our expertise.
  • Finalising the design: Design often goes through several iterations for it to be just right. When we know we have the right design, we will still test several versions of it before going out into the wild. We always deliver your artwork in a variety of layouts and formats, to suit any possible use.


Our Award winning photographer Matthew Wilkinson can work with you on your project needs. Matthew has been a finalist in British landscape of the year, had his prints featured in John Lewis & Partners stores and had his product shots featured in GQ Magazine.

Visual communication.

Good design is all about communicating your ideas in a moment. Today it’s more than that. Print is falling behind as a medium, giving way to digital devices, including billboards, bus stops, subways and many more traditional print formats. There are a million ways to reach your potential customers, but first, you need to catch their eye.

Our experienced graphic design team can translate your ideas to just about any medium & organise printing of your artwork.

Graphic Design Manchester

Like what you see? If you want to work with our team on your brand image, design an event, a sub division or even overhaul the look and feel of your company, then drop us a line. One of our team will be happy to help.

Ready to start your project with us?