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Ranking on Search Engines needs a combination of factors including page speed, fixing errors, website code written for search engines and content designed for humans. At our Manchester SEO Agency, we can:

  • Build SEO Friendly Websites
  • Fix & Improve Existing Websites
  • Ongoing SEO Strategy

Why Work With Us?

Digital Agency In Manchester

With Page one for ‘SEO in Manchester and ‘SEO Agency in Manchester’ the results speak for themselves.

The best part is, this makes us jump around a bit in excitement, being a bit nerdy and all. Made By Factory is a web and SEO Agency in Manchester. We specialise in crafting speedy, visually amazing SEO optimised websites and then delivering killer SEO and Ad Campaigns.

Being seen on Search Engines is a means to an end. Search Engine Optimisation is all about sales, revenue and converting leads into money! That’s why we take an all round approach and use whole range of white hat tactics for on page and technical SEO. Page one rankings aren’t the dark art people assume they are. With a solid SEO strategy, time, implementation and a little know how, we can have your site performing with the best of them!

Based in Manchester, we are a fully fledged remote working SEO Agency, with clients all across the UK, the EU and the United States, so we are available via zoom, wherever you are.


SEO In Manchester

SEO Strategy

SEO Agency in Manchester

We carry out through competitive & keyword research. Its not just about ranking for specific keywords. Are people in your vertical actually searching for them? And are they converting? That’s what we look at.

Technical SEO

SEO Agency in Manchester

We look at SEO errors and technical issues, which can all help your site become more visible to search engines. From the site code, page speed, image sizes to titles & meta descriptions, all ensuring higher rankings.

On Page SEO

SEO Agency in Manchester

This addresses the actual content of the page. Is it readable, is it long enough? how does it compare against SERP competotors trying to rank for similar keyword terms? We work with your content to help it rank above the competition.


SEO Agency in Manchester

From clever copy written by our former Googler and Ad expert to our network of copywriters, we can spare you the ordeal of wondering what to say or how to say it. We work with you to form a content plan & Can either edit your existing copy or work with our copywriters.


SEO Agency in Manchester

Lots of people are visiting but there’s still work to do. We look at how we can improve the conversions on the page, through positioning of elements, calls to action and the content itself. We’ve improved conversion rates by 400% for some of our clients.

SEO Reporting

SEO Agency in Manchester

Honest & straightforward SEO Reporting in plain english by your account manager, who is available to speak to if you have any questions. Customised Data Studio reports giving you the information you need, our friendly Manchester SEO team can help.

Our SEO Strategy

Digital Marketing Agency Manchester

SEO is a long term strategy that can provide great return on investment. Results are long live and won’t disappear immediately if you stop for a while. No matter how much you do optimise for search engines, there are always more things you can do, such as improve your domain authority, build backlinks, add and optimise more content. In spite of the great benefits, it can take several months to see any real results, so we recommend an ongoing strategy.

SEO is one of our core services along with Google Ads. With so much business now taking place online, and even more offline business moving away from bricks and mortar, online visibility is everything.

Its our mission to perform SEO without jargon, smoke or mirrors. We will always work with you, our clients to educate you in the best ways to look after your own website, write better content for SEO, and save unnecessary costs just by knowing how to produce SEO friendlier content. We build all our websites with the best SEO practices in mind & we are able to offer one on one training or group remote training, both with SEO and Google Ads.

Our Expertise

PPC Agency In Manchester

Whilst SEO does remain fundamentally the same: good websites, usable by humans, providing relevant content, the technical skills behind it evolve constantly. Its our job to stay on top of the curve and be one of the best SEO Agencies in Manchester. We learn continually & we are part of Neil Patel’s Agency Network, Neil being the worlds foremost SEO Authority, meaning we can always get help from his team & stay on top of the latest industry changes.

We have worked in SEO and Google Ads for many years, and worked with a range of clients from small business to FTSE 100 companies and Global corporations. Founded by a small expert team of an ex Googler, Ben Tennant, who managed a portfolio of around 50 digital agencies, helping them to manage client ad accounts, and designer and developer Andi Wilkinson, who has spent the last 20 years either teaching web design or creating design for others.

Although most of our clients know the basic premise of SEO and what is required, but don’t have the time and resource to continually do the work required to keep on top of site visibility. In our experience, SEO is one of the last things our clients get to. We have found that even a few hours spent per month can make a difference to Google’s crawl bots. Since Search engine optimisation is long and laborious, its a good idea to allocate a realistic budget based on the size of your website and how much work needs to be done. We can work with most budgets, we will be realistic about the SEO work we can achieve with the time we have, but we will always give you advice on how you can help yourself too, saving you unneccesary spend.

Working With Us: Our SEO Process

Manchester Digital Marketing Agency

SEO Audit

We begin with a technical audit of your website. We can carry this out free of charge. Its a great place to start your SEO strategy. We look over 90 technial factors to determine your overall site health. Beginning with errors which are a must fix, and moving on to other warnings that may or may not need addressing depending on how likely they are to have an effect on your website. We find the most common errors are simple things like duplicate or missing meta data, which makes a big difference to how and where the search engine decides to index your website. We also look at page speed, design, UX, and overall Conversion Rate Optimisation, since its not just about a visitor finding your site. it’s about what they do when they get there.

In our experience its always best to address the errors first. adding or improving content to a site thats riddled with errors or really slow isn’t going to accomplish a great deal. Although you can jump right into keywords and search volume data, we prefer to start with the healthiest website possible in order to achieve maximum results. In some cases the strategy is to build an SEO friendly website and start from there. We will help you find the best solution.

Technical SEO & On Page SEO

After we have created our inital strategy we will adress technical errors in the website’s code, giving us a clean slate to work on content changes. In our experience we have seen some terrible seo practices with content. pages stuffed with keywords that don’t sound natural. Content needs to be produced in a way that a search engine can index it, but not in a way that the user thinks its nonsensical. Getting the user to your site may be a challenge, but its only a small part of it. driven traffic needs to result in a desired action, a sale or an enquiry.

SEO Content

we carry out extensive keyword research using a variety of tools. Most Manchester SEO clients come to us with an idea of what they think their main keywords are. Its also common in our experience for clients to proudly tell us what they rank #1 for. What most don’t know, and haven’t been reported on is the search volume. There is absolutely no point in being in first place on Google for “Dog Walking Services In Little Bottom On Sea” if no one ever searches for that term. So we start by discovering which words your website actually ranks for, and what similar sites rank for those keywords, how you compare to those other similar sites and how many people are actually searching for those keywords. We can find things that you may not have thought of.

The overused phrase content is King, whilst worth considering doesn’t apply to every site. Its about relevance too. An ecommerce site may rank much higher than another page for the same keyword, simply because the intent of the search query may indicate a user is looking to shop. So we tailor your SEO strategy to the individual business. As Google Shopping Specialists and Shopify Partners, we would always recommend an ecommerce SEO strategy went hand in hand with Google Shopping Ads.

Writing Content For SEO

Content should be written for humans and optimised for search engines and not the other way around. It needs to inform, engage and promote the desired action. Google identify the primary reasons for users engaging with your content. Want to know, want to go, want to do, want to buy. Google calls these moments ‘Micro Moments‘ and they should be at the core of your content.

In most cases our clients can provide us with a level of content, although we understand you can often be busy. We can either create a list of ideas for content or we can produce it for you. We work with a variety of industries, and work with our clients to produce high ranking content, or help our clients to produce content we can further optimise.

Link Building Strategy

Digital Agency In Manchester

Link Building is still an essential part of an effective SEO campaign & quite often the missing piece of the puzzle that gets overlooked. Both internal links (links within your website to other pages on your website), external links (links on your page to external authoritative website) and backlinks (links from other websites to your own). Comparing sites with similar content age and domain authority , the one with the most backlinks almost always outranks the other. Whilst we don’t know exactly how the Google Algorithm uses backlinks to rank your website, we know right now,  they still play an important part and should be included in an effective SEO Strategy. Of course if you are a market leader, the chances are you already have plenty of backlinks.

Case Studies

A Cutting Edge Web & Marketing Solution for Kerf Developments

Over 500% increase in traffic and increase in leads

FVS Limited
Custom WordPress Site For Fire Saftey Firm FVS Limited

400% Rise in Non Branded Search Terms For Fire Safety Company

Crafting Startup Success for a Lancashire Auction House

Crafting Startup Success for a Lancashire Auction House

SEO Ranking Factors

PPC Agency In Manchester

First, we start with a technical website audit. Knowing which keywords to rank for is great, but if your customers are just going to leave because your site is slow, or has confusing content, what’s the point? We don’t want to see anyone throw marketing spend down the drain.

Page speed and ease of use are some of Google’s many ranking factors. As Google partners, we know a thing or two about PageRank and online visibility Page speed and ease of use are some of their ranking factors.

There are over 200 factors it looks at when deciding where to put your web page in the search results. We won’t list all of them here, that would be silly, but some of the most important factors are quality of content, speed, mobile adaptive, security and even the site’s code itself. Secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP)

Frequenty Asked Questions About SEO

SEO Stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. As the name suggests it’s the act of optimising your web page content, so that it’s optimal for a search engine. SEO done well means your website will be good for humans, but friendly to a search engine!

If you have a website, its always a good idea to make sure it’s optimised for search engines. there are a few cases where a business has a website that they use only as a ‘calling card’ and are not really interested in organic search traffic, but the vast majority of businesses or individuals wanting a website, would also like to be discoverable on major search engines. Sadly a lot of low budget websites have no SEO condsideration built in, and are barely visible. the good news is this can be rectified with a proper SEO Strategy. Domains are still ranked by authority, and great content, so yes, its absolutely worth it to do SEO in 2020.

Actually, the magic happens when both are used in tandem. Synergy! With a combination of PPC skill overseen by our ex googler and SEO skill from our resident nerd, we believe you should use both. but what if you have to choose? We still say both! Ok but let us explain things better.

Most PPC specialists will say that PPC is better because it cuts out months of time and effort. Most SEO specialists will say that when you stop PPC you have to start from scratch. What actually happens, if you have a well crafted PPC campaign, is brand awareness can increase, leading to an uplift in organic brand search. More organic traffic comes to your site raising its overall profile, chance of backlinks and increased domain authority.

On the flip side a site that has been well optimised for content and code, will perform better in a Google Ads campaign, since google ads uses landing page experience as one of its factors in the Google Ads Auction.

If we had to choose we would say ALWAYS have an SEO strategy, because ad campaigns can change, and budgets can differ, but keeping your website in tip top shape is paramount.

This is something we are asked a lot in our Manchester SEO Agency. First things first. has it ACTUALLY vanished? type in site:www.yourwebsite.com into the browser (use your actual website, not our example). This will give you a first hand indication of how many of your pages rank. Are you hooked up to Google Analytics? and Google Search Console?

There’s a number of reasons you may have dropped from search results, one of the most common being cowboy SEO companies telling you that you were position 1 for obscure phrases, whilst not ranking for anything meaningful. Other reasons may be that the competition has just got better, knocking you out of the way.

Speak to your friendly SEO Agency (Actually, thats us) for an impartial audit and some honest advice. Our only criteria for working with you is whether or not we can improve your traffic. & We have never failed in our mission.

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