Search Engine Optimisation That actually gets you found.

Search Engine Optimisation That actually gets you found. 1

Be Visible on Major Search Engines

Made By Factory is a web and SEO Agency in Manchester. We specialise in crafting speedy, visually amazing SEO optimised websites and then delivering killer SEO and Google Ad Campaigns.

Being seen on Google is a means to an end. Search Engine Optimisation is all about sales, revenue and converting leads into money!

That’s why we take an all round approach and use whole range of white hat tactics for on page and technical SEO. and CRO

What is CRO and why does it matter?

Let’s imagine your whole SEO strategy as a bricks-and-mortar business. Picture this: Your website is a restaurant that invested in giant neon signs outside and signs from the roads so that it attracted hundreds of visitors. Like, they have no end of traffic right? How great would that be?

When you get inside the door, the person that greets you is vague, seems to speak nonsense and doesn’t tell you where to sit.

At this point, loads of people leave. The ones who do make it to a table look for a menu. They can’t find it so they leave too. Some people manage to find it under the chair. When they look at it, its all printed on a postcard so you can’t read it anyway.

The tiny portion of diners that manage to order have to wait so long for their food, they give up and go home. No one who leaves ever comes back. All that advertising is a big waste of time and money. All that marketing spend resulted in a couple of people eating a meal!

Now… imagine if the user experience was perfect. You spent the same on marketing but had thousands of happy paying customers. That is CRO.

Hopefully, this illustrates why being found online alone isn’t enough. You need to have a well performing, easy to navigate digital presence & a knowledgeable SEO company to help you craft that all-important SEO strategy.

Teamed with a Google Adwords (Now Google Ads) campaign, With our SEO Services, Kerf Developments have seen a 500% increase in web visits and a steady flow of leads. A well-optimised website will also result in higher quality scores across ad campaigns and lower costs per click.

Google Ranking Factors

Page speed and ease of use are some of Google’s many ranking factors. As Google partners, we know a thing or two about PageRank and online visibility

Page speed and ease of use are some of Google’s many ranking factors. As Google partners, we know a thing or two about PageRank and online visibility

Google has over 200 factors it looks at when deciding where to put your web page in the search results. We won’t list all of them here, that would be silly, but some of the most important factors are quality of content, speed, mobile adaptive, security and even the site’s code itself. Secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP)

How We Do SEO

First, we start with a technical website audit. Knowing which keywords to rank for is great, but if your customers are just going to leave because your site is slow, or has confusing content, what’s the point? We don’t want to see anyone throw marketing spend down the drain.

The Key to good SEO is all about Keyword Planning. We look at your existing Google Analytics & Webmaster tools to see how people currently find you. The results can be surprising.

Then its time to craft a digital strategy. Good keyword planning should never be left to chance. You need to know what your customers are searching for so you can look for potential ranking opportunities.

Fixing any code errors is the first step in our SEO Process. As a web design agency, we make sure that all our sites go live 100% error free. This means they pass a series of tests to determine speed, mobile friendliness, and correct markup.

That sounds great, what next?

The next steps in SEO consist of creating a content strategy. Then we look at ways to encourage visitors to your site in ways you hadn’t thought of, using long tail keywords. We will also improve visibility for the important keywords you want to rank for.

We do all this without smoke, mirrors or jargon. We also help you write your own content, with lots of friendly help and advice, helping you manage your own content in ways that are instantly SEO Friendly.

Great content marketing is one of the biggest ranking factors in 2019. Along with content, we can also help you craft a great social media strategy.

A great performing organic website can only be improved by a great digital marketing ad campaign. Typically our clients see over double return on ad spend when moving their ad campaigns to us.

Why not contact us today and request a free site audit. We can take it from there and you will soon be on your way to online bliss.

SEO Services

Technical SEO

From ensuring your site is error free and fast, we have it covered. We are web experts with over 15 years experience.

On Page SEO

Make sure every page on your website is having the right impact on your cornerstone content.

Content Writing

From clever copy written by our former Googler and Ad expert to our network of copywriters, we can spare you the ordeal of wondering what to say or how to say it.

Simple Reporting

Honest & straightforward SEO Reporting in plain english by your account manager, who is available to speak to if you have any questions. And we teach you along the way.

SEO Agency in Manchester

Don’t be invisible. Speak to our expert SEO team today and we can arrange a face to face or online meeting and kick off your growth strategy. We would love to hear from you.

Factory is a small team of SEO experts, Google Ad Pros & creative designers. We’ve got over 50 years of collective creative and marketing expertise under our belts, including search engine marketing, social media management, SEO expertise & web. Our Manchester SEO Agency is based in Blackfriars Street. We know this paragraph is a little much, but damn, we wanted to be seen in the serps. 😉

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