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What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online advertising system which allows advertisers to display ads for their products and services when potential customers type relevant queries into search

You are only charged when a user clicks on the ad. The overall gains outweigh the cost of the ad. Some of our clients get over 150x their return on ad spend. So for every £1000 spent on ads, their ad revenue is over 150k

With an ex-Googler heading up our Manchester PPC Agency, We hold the capabilities and knowledge to make your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With so many features and PPC platforms to master, you need the right expert guide at your side. An expert will create and implement the right Digital Marketing Strategy for your organisation. 

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Speak to our team of expert Google Partner sidekicks today to start seeing real rewards from your digital investment & check out one of our awesome case studies HERE

PPC / Digital Marketing

We generally refer to it as Digital Marketing, but you might call it PPC, Search Engine Marketing, “a minefield” or even “one of the dark arts”.  Knowing what to call this marketing medium is just one hurdle to overcome. Thankfully, it’s just a small hurdle. 

The big hurdles start to arrive when you are working out a SMART business goal for your marketing project, or when you’re looking into the right platform to use an agency to partner with

These days, Digital Marketing is a must for all organisations.  If your business is looking to move up to the next level, digital marketing has the potential to take you there, regardless of the industry you operate in. 

In the first half of 2018, Digital Marketing spend in the UK reached £6.36bn – A 15% increase YoY.  Digital Marketing now accounts for over 56% of all advertising in the UK and is continuing to grow – Is your business making the most of it?

What are the main benefits of Paid Search (PPC) & Digital Marketing?
  • Highly measurable
  • Strong Return on Investment potential, if done right
  • You set and control your advertising costs
  • Only pay for ad engagement
  • Ultra-advanced targeting methods across Search, Display & Video marketing
  • Defined calls to action
  • Comprehensive analytics and “live” reporting

It might be that you’re already running marketing campaigns across 1 or more digital channels yourself or through another agency.  But, how do you know your PPC advertising is done in the best way to gain a significant return on your business’ investment?

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Factory are the PPC specialists that your business needs. We develop and implement high performing campaigns across Google, Facebook/Instagram and Twitter.

We focus on using the best platforms for our client’s goal(s) – be that on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn or Twitter – We are seasoned specialists when it comes to putting a solid PPC strategy in place, lowering cost per click and raising quality scores across the board with our expert PPC management.

What We’re Good At

We are experts when it comes to Pay Per Click advertising, including Google Search ads, Display, Shopping & YouTube. With an ex-Googler heading up our marketing team, we really do know what works for our clients – whether your goal is to increase awareness of your brand or if you are looking for more online sales, we can build a PPC strategy that will work for your business.

We don’t rely on machines to run campaigns for us – we actually use our brains and constantly evaluate each PPC campaign to ensure our clients are getting the returns they deserve.

If you are unhappy with your current PPC returns, speak to our team today and we will carry out a free, no obligation, PPC Audit on your account.  With over 65% of digital marketing spend is wasted in the UK, don’t become a statistic – we will make sure your budget is used to grow your business. We have no minimum spend requirement.

Alternatively, if you are looking to start increasing your digital presence and have a budget available, but don’t know where to start – Factory are here to help.


Google Agency Manchester

The world’s number 1 search engine! Google Ads was formerly Google AdWords but changed on account of the many more great features it has to offer.

Google’s powerful PPC Digital Marketing platform has many features and marketing options.

  • Google Display Network Ads – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • YouTube Ads – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty
  • Google Search Results Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Google Shopping Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Gmail Ads – Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Google Play Ads –Purchase/Download & Loyalty.

We are a badged Google Partner Agency, specialising in Search Advertising, Display Ads and Shopping Advertising.

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Combine the power of the Facebook Pixel and PPC by marketing on 2 of the world’s largest social media platforms.

This powerful marketing platform provides a variety of PPC marketing formats.

  • Photo Ads – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Video Ads – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Stories Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Messenger Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Carousel Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Slideshow Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Collection Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • App Playable Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing

Microsoft Advertising

Google’s number 1 competitor. Microsoft’s Bing search share is now over 21% of UK desktop searches with over 404 million monthly searches being carried out – are you present?

Use PPC marketing with Microsoft Advertising across 3 key formats.

  • Microsoft Display Ads (Including Outlook & MSN) – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Microsoft Search Results Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Microsoft Shopping Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
LinkedIn PPC Ads

Powerful business social media platform with highly refined targeting capabilities.

Target unique audiences with powerful targeting options with PPC marketing.

  • Advertise to over 560m active business professionals worldwide.
  • Text Ads & a mix of Text and Display – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Boosted Content to Defined Audiences – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Sponsored InMail Ads – Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
Twitter PPC Ads

Quickfire social platform with high engagement levels.

Twitter’s PPC marketing platform provides the opportunity to market through key formats.

  • Promoting tweets to wider, targeted audiences – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty.
  • Focused Text and Display Ads – Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty

PPC Agency Manchester

We are experts in developing and implementing awesome PPC strategies. We are also a full-service digital agency, offering web design & development, branding, SEO and social media.

We have full Google Partner Status and one of a select group of advertising agencies in the UK to be selected for the Google Elevator Programme. If you’re looking for a local PPC Agency in Manchester, drop us a line today.

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