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The Client

Alex Jones Dentistry is an award-winning family practice providing exceptional dental care and cutting-edge treatments in Barnsley and Penistone. Led by Dr Alex Jones—a leading dental implant surgeon specialising in specialist treatments like zygomatic implants—patients can always expect a friendly and professional atmosphere, focusing on putting even the most anxious patients at ease.

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The Brief

Dr Alex Jones is a leading Dental Implant surgeon and one of a handful of dental implant surgeons to perform specialist treatments such as Zygomatic Implants. As well as being an award-winning family practice focusing on expert care and cutting-edge treatments, Alex Jones Dentistry provides a warm welcome and a comfortable environment.


Following their re-brand, the team first approached us to create a new, dynamic WordPress website. Our expert web design team worked closely with PDC, an external design team and a brand consultant to create a beautiful contemporary web presence which reflected the new brand, the excellent level of care & the relaxing environment they have created.


Due to their high demand and busy practice, Alex Jones Dentistry sought social media management to create a consistent and engaging Facebook and Instagram presence to support their digital marketing efforts.

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The Challenge

When it came to Alex Jones Dentistry’s objectives and target market, we knew that dental implants are a competitive term. When optimising a website for search engines, identifying high-value keywords with low competition yet high relevancy is crucial to achieving higher rankings.


This is where our SEO experts come in handy. We identified the best and most relevant keywords for Alex Jones Dentistry by conducting thorough keyword research and analysis. We built the website’s content and structure to ensure it ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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The Solution

With keyword competition, we worked hard to create a friendly and informative website that showcased the many treatment options available and took our time to research the right terms for them.


We included lots of calls to action throughout and structured the page layout to ensure that the most important information was visible at first glance.


We designed the website to be mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. We focused on the benefits of the many treatments available from Alex Jones Dentistry—from teeth whitening to complex dental implant surgery.


A big challenge for any new domain is gaining visibility in search engines. One of our main tasks here was to generate brand awareness and ensure

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Social Media Solution

Alex Jones Dentistry was looking to organically grow its active presence on Facebook and Instagram to increase engagement and referrals and create a community around the brand.


To ensure that both aesthetics and professionalism were represented on their social media platforms, we planned to showcase the warmth, expertise and accessibility of the team at Alex Jones Dentistry while also presenting a professional and distinct brand identity.


As a practice that values great photography, Alex Jones Dentistry regularly invests in photography for use on its website and social media. However, it can be difficult for them to capture behind-the-scenes content that keeps their platform fresh. This is where we come in, so help them achieve this goal through engaging visuals.

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Content Creation

In addition to introducing the team, and sharing practice news and aspirational shots of beautiful smiles, we wanted to incorporate informative posts related to their work regularly to increase reach and engagement.


To do this, we used various content types, including photos, graphics, videos and carousel posts optimized for algorithm trends. Additionally, we made sure to carve out time for live engagement with relevant and local businesses to build a solid following and community around the practice.


Our goal was also three-fold: building reach, engagement rates, and referrals from our social media campaigns. Even though gaining followers is important for any business’s online presence, the quality of these followers really matters in terms of long-term engagement value and sustainability.

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