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Alex Jones Dentistry

Client: Alex Jones Dentistry

The Challenge

Penistone and Barnsley based PDC Dental (Penistone Dental Care) and PDC Dental Implants, underwent a rebrand to become Alex Jones Dentistry.Dr Alex Jones is a leading Dental Implant surgeon and one of a handful of dental implant surgeons to perform specialist treatments such as Zygomatic Implants

Dr Alex Jones is a leading Dental Implant surgeon and one of a handful of dental implant surgeons to perform specialist treatments such as Zygomatic Implants. As well as being an award winning family practice, with a focus on expert care and cutting edge treatments, Alex Jones Dentistry provide a warm welcome, and a comfortable environment, calming even the most anxious of patients.

We worked together with PDC, a design team and brand consultant to create a beautiful contemporary web presence which reflects the new brand, the excellent level of care & the relaxing environment they have created.

Optimising for SEO

Dental Implants are a competitive term, so we worked with Alex Jones Dentistry on a friendly, yet informative site with loads of content about the many treatment options.

Lots of content always presents a design challenge, so we designed a variety of sections to display different types of information. We used lots of calls-to-action throughout the site. The most important information is placed above the fold, with a call to action, & further down the page there is more in-depth information for those who wish to read in more detail.

The website is mobile considered, easy to navigate & focusses on the benefits of the many treatments available at Alex Jones Dentistry, from teeth whitening, to complex dental implant surgery & every day treatments. Traffic

One of the first challenges with launching any new domain, is that it’s completely invisible to search engines. In a competitive industry it was our job both to generate brand awareness & ensure that the site could show organically for the relevant keywords.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

The marketing sales funnel consists of awareness, consideration & decision making stage. For a new brand it’s important to have a full strategy in place.

We began with a brand awareness campaign, which generates over 5000 new site visits every month. Brand awareness is a key strategy for any new brand, as statistically it takes a new user around ten views of a new brand for it to be recalled.

Whilst display campaigns are great, relatively cheap way to bring awareness to audiences who are specifically in the market for a product or service, and they can generate conversions, This type of campaign shouldn’t be relied upon to sell products or services for a business & is always best when teamed with a search campaign.

We built a solid search campaign, covering the key areas of the business. Despite the highly competitive nature of the industry and potential high cost-per-click, our solid account build and expert ad experience have blown the averages out of the water.

Early in, our search campaigns are generating over a 10% CTR compared with the industry average of 2% and conversion rates on non branded searches of 10-15%. Comparitively, brand searches are yielding a conversion rate of over 40% and a CTR of 42%. Even the display campaigns have a conversion rate of 3.5% which is pretty phenomomenal for display, when the much higher search average for conversions is around 2%

Social Media Management

Alex Jones Dentistry currently have an active Facebook and Instagram profile and asked for our help to grow them organically to increase engagement, grow quality referrals and build an informed community connected to the brand.

As a cosmetic specialist service, both aesthetics and professionalism are important for social media content. Our plan was to highlight the warmth, expertise and accessible nature of the team at Alex Jones Dentistry, whilst presenting a professional, aspirational and distinct brand.

Alex Jones Dentistry understand the value of great photography and invests regularly in team photography for use on their website and social media. As a busy practice, they don’t always have time to get behind-the-scenes content to keep their social media presence fresh. That’s where we can help.

Alongside introductions to the team, practice news and aspirational shots of beautiful smiles, we incorporated informative posts relating to their work to increase reach and engagement.

We used a combination of photos, graphics, videos and carousel posts to work with algorithm trends and also committed time to live engagement with relevant and local businesses to build community.

All content was to focus on building three metrics: reach, engagement and referrals.

Though following is always important to a business, social media growth is measured by the quality of the audience generated, and long-term engagement value for the followers gained. Our strategy was long-term growth which was sustainable and lead to committed returning clients.

Website Referrals


Audience Increase 








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