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The Challenge

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Penistone and Barnsley based PDC Dental (Penistone Dental Care) and PDC Dental Implants, underwent a rebrand to become Alex Jones Dentistry.Dr Alex Jones is a leading Dental Implant surgeon and one of a handful of dental implant surgeons to perform specialist treatments such as Zygomatic Implants

Dr Alex Jones is a leading Dental Implant surgeon and one of a handful of dental implant surgeons to perform specialist treatments such as Zygomatic Implants. 

As well as being an award winning family practice, with a focus on expert care and cutting edge treatments, Alex Jones Dentistry provide a warm welcome, and a comfortable environment, calming even the most anxious of patients.

We worked together with PDC, a design team and brand consultant to create a beautiful contemporary web presence which reflects the new brand, the excellent level of care & the relaxing environment they have created.

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Optimising for SEO

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Dental Implants are a competitive term, so we worked with Alex Jones Dentistry on a friendly, yet informative site with loads of content about the many treatment options.

Lots of content always presents a design challenge, so we designed a variety of sections to display different types of information. We used lots of calls-to-action throughout the site. The most important information is placed above the fold, with a call to action, & further down the page there is more in-depth information for those who wish to read in more detail.

The website is mobile considered, easy to navigate & focusses on the benefits of the many treatments available at Alex Jones Dentistry, from teeth whitening, to complex dental implant surgery & every day treatments. Traffic

One of the first challenges with launching any new domain, is that its completely invisible to search engines. In a competitive industry it was our job both to generate brand awareness & ensure that the site could show organically for the relevant keywords.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

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The marketing sales funnel consists of awareness, consideration & decision making stage. For a new brand it’s important to have a full strategy in place.

We began with a brand awareness campaign, which generates over 5000 new site visits every month. Brand awareness is a key strategy for any new brand, as statistically it takes a new user around ten views of a new brand for it to be recalled.

Whilst display campaigns are great, relatively cheap way to bring awareness to audiences who are specifically in the market for a product or service, and they can generate conversions, This type of campaign shouldn’t be relied upon to sell products or services for a business & is always best when teamed with a search campaign.

We built a solid search campaign, covering the key areas of the business. Despite the highly competitive nature of the industry and potential high cost-per-click, our solid account build and expert ad experience have blown the averages out of the water.

Early in, our search campaigns are generating over a 10% CTR compared with the industry average of 2% and conversion rates on non branded searches of 10-15%. Comparitively, brand searches are yielding a conversion rate of over 40% and a CTR of 42%. Even the display campaigns have a conversion rate of 3.5% which is pretty phenomomenal for display, when the much higher search average for conversions is around 2%

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