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A Recruitment Branding Campaign.

We worked together with Provident Financial to produce a new visual identity for their tech and change department.

Established for 138 years, Provident, HQ’d in Bradford, UK is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personal credit products. There are over 40 branches serving over 2.5 million customers. Falling under their umbrella are Satsuma Loans and Vanquis Visa.

There’s a great appeal to working here, but it can be difficult finding the right people to fill technology and development roles. This is why we consulted with the team to first come up with a more appealing visual identity for the tech and change department.

Challenges of large scale companies

When creating a logo for a large organisation, there are often so many people involved in the process, each with their own sets of ideas and inputs. It can be a challenge to take that into account and yet still produce an outcome that everyone loves.

our creative director, Andi Wilkinson, rose to the challenge and worked closely with both the tech & change team and the careers team, to produce the final design.

Creating the logo

Ever wonder what goes into a logo design? Especially when the outcome is so simple?

We usually create several ideas for a client. This starts with pen and paper, where we scribble out a few ideas. We take our ideas into Illustrator and create several concepts which we present in a nice PDF.

At this stage, the client will usually choose a couple of ideas they want us to develop further, so much fine-tuning is done.

The final design was based on these nine shapes which graduate in both colour and shape. Our concept of green to blue represented technology and change. However, we looked at other colour combinations too, which included various colour selections from PFG’s sub brands. The final selection (bottom right) incorporated blue for change, and the sub brands pantone values. This was to reflect technology and change’s role in all of PFGs brand portfolio.

Other concepts

The gallery above represents just one of the designs that we revised, but shown below is a quick sampling of some of the other concepts we created, or as we like to call them ‘the one’s that got away’

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