Trafford Youth Trust Branding

For: Trafford Youth Trust

Creating a Brand Identity for The Trafford Youth Trust Project.

As a newly formed CIC, invested in by Trafford council. the Trafford Youth Trust needed to establish a brand identity. So, they came to us.

With this branding exercise we explored a lot of ideas, but we were clear on one thing. We really wanted this to have an appeal to young people, and almost make it look like a label. so this was our approach.

Designing for Trafford Youth Trust

The client had an existing although temporary logo as a starting point. What we wanted to create was radically different so we had to take our client on a journey to show our thought process.

The starting point.

shown here at the top is what they already had. It didn’t appeal to the older youth demographic. 16+ Largely because of the childlike typeface.

The second design in this image works with the existing logo but tries to give it a fresher look.

Here are a few more ideas we explored. Trafford Youth Trust had given us examples of many other youth programmes, and we looked around for inspiration. What worked well and what didn’t.

To continue, we went wild with the letters TYT to see what we could derive from them. At this point we could see the beginnings of a bit of a cool symbol starting to form so we explored this idea further and came up with our final concept.

We wanted to create a brand that looked almost like a clothing line

The final logo is shown here. the overall brand is still very much in development, with voice and message.

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