Greater Connected Made By Factory Digital Marketing Agency, Working remotely
Andonette Wilkinson
June 9, 2019

Made By Factory Are Greater Connected

Over the past three months, Made By Factory has been part of a select cohort of digital agencies in Manchester working in the public and private sectors to participate in the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub’s Greater Connected programme.

Greater Connected: What is it?

Greater Connected brought together digital agencies, with panel experts and speakers for three days. It’s an intensive training course focussed around business growth strategy for digital agency businesses at all stages.

So, the big themes we focussed on in the sessions were:

  1. Getting clarity on the ‘five C’s’ (Core, Customers, Cash, Colleagues & Context).
  2. Creating fans and adding value.
  3. Road mapping & routines.
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Virtual learning days

In four online and interactive learning sessions spread across five weeks, Greater connected give us the tools we need to stabilise and adapt our business, allowing us to move beyond survival to growth. Under the advisor’s tuition, we gain clarity on our route forward. The program will support businesses by:

Small Group Coaching

Through strategic online sessions with your own growth advisor, we work with the growth hub on a bespoke growth journey. We will develop and implement a tailored plan to allow our business to come out of these tough times fighting. 


As a Greater Connected alumnus, we remain connected to a wide growth hub network of fellow leaders. That not only means continued invitations to events and skill-shares but ongoing opportunities to partner and grow together. After all, community and collaboration is more important than ever right now.

Big Takeaways

Happily, we got loads of expert advice. We learned that much that we already do is good and on the right lines (Phew). A few valuable takeaways were looking at ways we could add extra value above the line to our clients and give a better, smoother experience. Another was that we should focus on doing what we love and doing it well.

As a specialist boutique agency, we are proud of our high skill level and growth potential. So, we were really proud to have been chosen amongst such a select group of quality digital companies. We are continually committed to making our customer experience the best possible.

Learn more about the programme.

Made By Factory is a boutique digital agency in Manchester. We specialise in high-quality digital solutions, from the web to technical and on-page SEO Strategy. From social media to laser-focused PPC And SEO campaigns.

We have worked with The Business Growth Hub on several Projects, including Eveolution, Going4Growth & more.

Andonette Wilkinson

Creative Director of Made By Factory. UX Designer & SEO Nerd, Andi is also a a keen member of Neurodiversity in Business, Former board member Manchester Digital and speaks and writes on a variety of web-related topics.