Beachyjax Wellness & Yoga Studio

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The Brief

Beachyjax is a tranquil boutique yoga and wellness studio in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

Imagined by lifestyle and wellness coach Jacqui Cooper, Jacqui created Beachjax to grow her successful coaching business with a dedicated wellness haven to balance mind, body and soul.



The Brief

Jaqui required an aspirational, calming and welcoming website to promote her incredible space and take bookings for her various treatments, classes and retreat days.


As a style coach, Jacqui utilises the power of colour to elevate people’s appearance and confidence. In developing a new yoga studio, it was apparent that colour would be a central component. From the vibrant red door at the entrance to the stunning flowers and use of colour throughout the space, visitors are on a colourful journey.


We were keen for the website design to reflect her personality and the vibrancy of the space.

Beachyjax mockups

The Solution

Jaqui wanted to represent the journey of the chakras throughout the website, so we used a restrained use of colour to bring together the primary brand colours for the website.

The resulting look is modern and fresh with a balance of bold serif typeface for titles, combined with meaningful imagery and significant words on hero sections, setting a tone for each page.


We selected a clean, intelligent sans-serif font for the primary body copy while avoiding clutter by bringing together services such as business coaching and reiki in one place without clashing. In this way, Jaqui’s vision was realized by creating a vibrant user interface that still conveys all the necessary information.

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WordPress Booking Capacities:

Beachyjax leverages the WordPress platform, allowing them to take online bookings via the MindBody App or their website.

Plus, they get the added benefit of increased foot traffic from Mindbody users. To create an optimal user experience, we designed a mobile-first approach that also looks beautiful on a desktop. Calls to action are made clear on each page.

As a top content management platform for small and large businesses, WordPress is ideal with its easy content maintenance and ability to create custom designs. For more examples of WordPress websites, check out this link to view our portfolio of successful projects.

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